RTA10 – 10 Bands Real Time Audio Analyzer

Block Diagram

RTA10 - Block Diagram

RTA10 – Block Diagram

Input stage, Vref Generator, Filters F01, F02

RTA10 - Input - VRef - Filters 01-02

RTA10 – Input – VRef – Filters 01-02

Filters F03…F10

RTA10 - Filters 03-10

RTA10 – Filters 03-10

Elaboration Stage

RTA10 - Elaboration Stage

RTA10 – Elaboration Stage

LEDs Display Matrix

RTA10 - LEDs Display Matrix

RTA10 – LEDs Display Matrix

Bill Of Materials

Part Value Description/Notes
R1-R2 47k
R3-R4 10k
R5 3.3k
R6 47k Potentiometer
R7 51k
R8 3.9k
R9 47k
R10 33
R11 10k
R12 100k Potentiometer
R13 10k
R14 15k
R15 1.2k
R16 150k
R17 10k
R18 9.1k
R19 680
R20 91k
R21 10k
R22 3.3k
R23 240
R24 33k
R25 10k
R26 5.1k
R27 390
R28 51k
R29 10k
R30 6.8k
R31 510
R32 68k
R33 10k
R34 2.7k
R35 220
R36 27k
R37 10k
R38 2.4k
R39 180
R40 24k
R41 10k
R42 8.2k
R43 680
R44 82k
R45 10k
R46 2.4k
R47 180
R48 24k
R49 10k
R50 5.6k
R51 390
R52 56k
R53 10k
R54 39k
R55 100k
R56-R66 10k
R67-89 33
C1-C2 2.2uF Electrolytic capacitor, 25V
C3 33pF Ceramic capacitor
C4-C6 4.7uF Electrolytic capacitor, 25V
C7-C8 100nF Film capacitor
C9 47uF Electrolytic capacitor, 25V
C10-C11 390nF Film capacitor
C12 220nF Film capacitor
C13-C14 330nF Film capacitor
C15 220nF Film capacitor
C16-C17 470nF Film capacitor
C18 220nF Film capacitor
C19-C20 150nF Film capacitor
C21 220nF Film capacitor
C22-C23 56nF Film capacitor
C24 220nF Film capacitor
C25-C26 68nF Film capacitor
C27 220nF Film capacitor
C28-C29 39nF Film capacitor
C30 220nF Film capacitor
C31-C32 5.6nF Film capacitor
C33 220nF Film capacitor
C34-C35 10nF Film capacitor
C36 220nF Film capacitor
C37-C38 2.2nF Film capacitor
C39 220nF Film capacitor
C40 100nF Film capacitor
C41 100nF Film capacitor
C42 47uF Electrolytic capacitor, 25V
C43-C44 10nF Film capacitor
C45 100nF Film capacitor
C46 10uF Electrolytic capacitor, 25V
C47-C50 100nF Film capacitor
D1-D10 1N4148A Switching Diode
TR1-TR10 BC337 NPN Transistor
IC1-IC4 TL084P Quad Low Noise Op-Amp.
IC5 CD4518N Dual BCD Up Counter
IC6 LM555JN Precision Timer
IC7 CD4067N 16-channel Analog Multiplexer
IC8 CD4028N BCD to Decimal Decoder
IC9 LM3915N 3dB-Step Led Driver
IC10-IC11 CD4050N Hex non-inverting Buffer
S1 Toggle Switch