How to buy

You want a VM-AI1i kit? It is easy!

Send we an email to (Remember: use [BUYING VM-AI1i] as Object for the email!) with following data:

  • Kit Code
  • Scale Colours code

and your data to fill this Proforma Invoice Module (Receiver box) and attach it to the email. This invoice is requested by the Customs.

Also you can use the Contacts page: write all request data as above.

Payments and Shipping

For payments, we only accept PayPal transfers and, for shipping, we only use express couriers (like UPS, DHL, FedEx etc.). If you want another shipping mode, ask for.

Kit Prices

Code * Description Notes ** Price € Price £ Price $ ***
CK96L-Sxxx-A Complete kit: PCBs°, devices°° and 96 LEDs (3mm) Assembled 76 69 106
CK96L-Sxxx-U Complete kit: PCBs, devices and 96 LEDs (3mm) Unassembled 65 59 91
CK48L-Sxxx-A Complete kit: PCBs, devices and 48 LEDs (3mm) Assembled 71 65 100
CK48L-Sxxx-U Complete kit: PCBs, devices and 48 LEDs (3mm) Unassembled 63 57 88
CK00L-A NON complete kit: PCBs and devices only, NO LEDs Assembled 60 54 84
CK00L-U NON complete kit: PCBs and devices only, NO LEDs Unassembled 53 48 74
CK00L-M MINIMAL kit: ONLY PCBs and preprogrammed MCU Unassembled 26 24 37

* “xxx” indicates the led colours. See below.
** Assembled units: max 3
*** prices includes VAT but NO shipping costs! To EU, shipping costs are indicatively 17€/15£, to USA 24$.
° PCBs mean elaboration PCB and display PCB
°° devices list (BOM) is this: VM-AI1i BOM

NOTE: the power-supply and the box are NOT provided with the kit!

Led Colours

Scale GYR, Led1:16 = Green (16x), Led17:19 = Yellow (3x), Led20:24 = Red (5x).

Scale code GYR

Scale code GYR

[Out-of-Stock] Scale BYR, Led1:16 = Blue (16x), Led17:19 = Yellow (3x), Led20:24 = Red (5x).
Note: due to major costs of the blue leds, for this colour scheme there are additional costs for 18€/15£/25$

Scale code BYR

Scale code BYR

Scale GYRB, Led1:15 = Green (15x), Led16:18 = Yellow (3x), Led19:23 = Red (5x), Led24 = Blue (1x)

Scale code GYRB

Scale code GYRB